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Surveying Your Site for Security Flaws

Perfect for religious, commercial, and private properties, our site surveys make your buildings safer by identifying key security issues before they become major security hazards. If you lack a security team, we are happy to help form and train groups to keep your property safe.

Byrd Executive Security Professionals, LLC. has on staff a Certified Crime Prevention Specialist (CCPS) and a specialist as a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design. We stay abreast of current offenses and trends throughout the DFW area and we are sensitive to the needs of each community that we serve. Byrd Executive Security Professionals, LLC. specialize in residential and commercial security surveys. For a small fee, we will come to your resident or business and conduct a comprehensive security survey and explain to you the areas of your home or business that are vulnerable. We make suggestions to you based on our survey results. Our recommendations are designed to lessen your chances of becoming a victim. CALL OR EMAIL US TODAY TO SCHEDULE YOUR RESIDENTIAL OR COMMERCIAL SECURITY SURVEY.

CPTED & Security Surveys To Make Your Property Safe

Feeling safe on your church, commercial, or private property does not necessarily mean that you are. Your property may include security blind spots of which you are unaware, and yet these blind spots pose safety and security threats to those who frequent your property. Byrd Executive Security Professionals, LLC. (DFW, Texas), is here to help you by taking a close look at any possible safety issues on your premises. From Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) to site surveys, we help you make your property safer.

People Entering a Church

Building for a Safer Space

CPTED is a technique for identifying possible security flaws and issues during the blueprint stage of construction, remodeling, or finalized construction. CPTED keeps patrons, visitors, or residents safe by identifying and eliminating problem areas that threaten the safety and security of all. CPTED can easily be integrated into a site survey. It focuses on key areas, such as:

• Entrance Ways & Building Accessibility
• Foliage, Trees, Shrubbery, & Line of Site
• Detection of Hostile Activity Outside a Building for Individuals Inside a Building

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